Why you are here

asian-student-stressYou’re in your late teens, early to mid twenties, even late twenties, and you’re just wishing it would all begin to make more sense …. soon. It keeps you up at night, and you just wish you could find the answers but there are some things holding you back.

You’re trying to do what you think is best for your career and life, but something just doesn’t feel right. You’re an achiever with a driving need for admiration, but this works at odds with a tendency to be too critical of yourself at times resulting in you being your own worst enemy. You feel that you’re relatively accomplished and an achiever, yet you also feel you have a good deal of untapped potential.

You have a great work ethic, sometimes working too hard. Your friends and family feel that you’re disciplined and controlled, but inside you frequently feel worried and insecure. Often you worry as to whether you’ve made the right decisions or done the right things regarding your education and career. However, because you take pride in being an independent thinker and don’t readily accept the opinions of others, this has become more of a drawback than asset. In addition, you have high aspirations and you set high goals, yet at times people disagree and think you’re being unrealistic, but you know what you conceive you can achieve, but you still have more questions than answers about moving ahead in your career choices.

Well, there is hope. There are answers. The most important thing to realize is that those answers have been right with you all this time. Maybe you’ve even heard them in quite times, alone times, but you shut them out because they aren’t what others or other sources have confirmed as right. The only problem you have is in straightening out what’s noise and what’s productive thought. This is where an objective third party or coach comes in. All too often family and friends are too close for most accurate advice and not removed enough to see the bigger picture that can best help you.

But here’s the bottom line. You’re young and most of your life has been spent under the wing or guidance of others (parents, family, teachers, etc.), but that won’t be true for long. You have reached a point of accountability and responsibility in your life. And it is now that you begin to make decisions that YOU will have to live with for some time, a long time even. And if these decisions are not YOURS (as well intentioned as they may be) or the wrong decisions, you may have to live with them for a long time, maybe even the rest of YOUR life.

But this is your life. YOURS and no one else’s. As you move forward and gain more independence, experience and separation from youth, all of the power of those ideas and inklings that are so powerful, so personal, so YOU will become more and more prominent. And if you make the decision NOW to follow them, in the long run you will not only be happier, but more productive, and, in all likelihood, better off financially.

Just to let you know you’re not alone, that this is more common than you think, for example, here’s what one of my students told me at the end of the semester after he had completed my life / career class:

“When I first came into Mr. Brown’s class, I was very skeptical of how well I would respond to his teachings. At the time, I was on the verge of quitting school all together and had just been prescribed a sleep aide, an anti-depressant, and an anti-anxiety medication. I had just moved back from a failed attempt at a pre-Med degree in Arizona and constantly being kicked out of my house. I had contemplated death as a better option, realizing that I didn’t like my life, I didn’t know how to change or even if I wanted change.”

“After a few classes, we began discussing more personal issues through our readings, and all of a sudden it hit me. The realization of what I want to change in my life, the motivation to get out of my self-made hell and succeed in school. His practical teachings literally saved my life. By the end, all of his teachings went beyond the classroom for me; his lessons of self-motivation woke up my natural intuition, and I was able to ask myself what I truly want in life. He has taught me the importance of thinking for yourself and being true to yourself.”

“Without Mr. Brown I can’t imagine where I would be.”

But the interesting point is that it wasn’t me that did it for him, really. Sure, I spoke and coached and had him read, but what was happening was a liberating, a freeing up that is the ONLY answer, solution to anyone’s quandary in life / career, and the source of this “freeing” came from the student. Inside all of us are more answers that are more consistent and accurate than most give them credit for. What is this source called? It’s been called many things: gut instinct, intuition, the Great Spirit, Holy Ghost. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s inside all of us, religious or not.

I label the tool used to work the intuitive, human interactive principles. There are certain things that you do for yourself and in how you relate to others that makes all the difference in the world. There are certain things you do, say, and think that will either help you individually and in your association with others or harm you. Using a term from the 80s movie Poltergeist, you are either moving into the dark or into the light. You can feel it and have probably felt it most of your life. But unless you’re able to label what you’re doing and understand the principles and how they help or hinder, you will in all likelihood continue to go round and round, rarely if ever making solid forward movement in life and career. Most do continue on this path, but you’re different, you’re exceptional. And that’s what’s brought you here.

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  1. Marlon Aquino said:

    Hi Prof Brown. Marlon Aquino I was just in your 103 class and real wanted to.continues to learn from you.

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