Desire, plan, focus, execute. You’ve got one life to live, unless you believe in reincarnation, why live it inadequately? Looking at basic human needs we have the following: consistency, variety, love and connection, importance, growth, and contribution. If you are human, and I am assuming you are not extraterrestrial, these needs can’t be avoided. Most of us are able to satisfy the first four or external needs, but the last two, the spiritual, are hard to come by.

So you could accomplish a lot: gain a college degree or two, get a nice career; open a business and strike it rich; hit the road and become a famous entertainer. However, there are many with great success who are still not happy. So in your plan for success, it’s critical to ensure growth and contribution to the greater good beyond the individual. So if you’re able to make plans, focus, execute great! But you still need more. Peace!