About Prof. Jeff

154222_462226862171_542902171_6141537_5053351_nInner Projection is owned by certified career / life coach, and part time professor, Jeff Brown. As an accomplished author, he has written seven books and over three-hundred articles. He has his finger on the pulse of current trends in the human condition, workplace, and higher education through reading, research, and hands-on experience. He has created a database of understanding few have by reading widely: philosophy, theology, motivation, success principles, economics, science, history, and math. His hands-on experience entails working in the fields of business, education, technology, and entertainment. He has his BA and MA in English and has taught composition, critical thinking, technical writing, and literature for over twelve years. He also worked six years as a computer programmer, tech. support analyst, and computer operator, as well as a stand-up comic writing for himself and other performers.

He grew up in Connecticut, moved to Boston and lived there for five years before moving to Los Angeles where he’s lived the last twenty. It took him some ten years or so before settling into a life that was in tune with his talents, gifts, and desires. He knows what it’s like to be lost, struggling, and unaware of what to do, where to go, and how to be.

Unfortunately, there are few sources out there to help you. Jeff has dedicated his life to helping the majority not only get off on the right foot early and often, but to stay on it. He has read, researched, and written extensively about the human condition, what drives us, our needs, and how to fulfill our hopes and dreams. He has done the same for the fields of education and labor.

It’s not easy to find great happiness and fulfillment, but the alternative is to live an un-examined, unfulfilled life. And nobody wants that. Jeff’s greatest reward has been seeing his clients open up in awareness to flower, grow, and go onto greatness before his very eyes. He states that it is a miraculous and wonderful thing and his reason for being.

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