What is Career Coaching?

Inner Projection is on the cutting edge of coaching building clients from the ground up to prepare them for the changes surely to come in career and life. Here’s an exhaustive list of all that you can get with Inner Projection’s coaching:

  • Enabling the client to clearly see gifts, talents, abilities, and desires
  • Discovering and building strengths while limiting destructive weaknesses
  • Matching discovered self to training, education to optimize career satisfaction
  • Understanding challenges faced in the work-a-day world and how to prepare for life- and career changing events
  • Building professional relationships and a social presence to ensure smooth transition to new job / career inherent in creative destruction of capitalism
  • Creating essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are modular and transferable to potential new job / career(s)
  • Getting client into the workforce as soon as possible to enhance understanding of environment, build relationships, and essential workforce skills and attitudes
  • Determining specifically what type of education, training, apprenticeship the client needs to optimize individual needs and abilities
  • Understanding financial needs for the long- and short term so the client isn’t caught short during economic shifts while working up and through retirement
  • Having the necessary critical thinking, complex reasoning  and communication skills today’s employers require

Please fill out the form below and we will send you some free critical career information: 

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