The Physics of Success: Six Easy Pieces, How to Achieve Any Goal Successfully

product_thumbnail (1) The Physics of Success contains an overview of six elements needed today to not only achieve success in career and life but to maintain it. Over the last forty to fifty years, things have changed drastically in the workforce and in higher education. To cite a few issues that have affected workers, consider that the cost of homes rose 84%, health insurance 86%, cars 22%, and daycare 100%. In the 70s, rarely did both parents work, but today it’s a near necessity, thus the tremendous increase in cost of daycare. In addition, over the last ten years or so, the cost of college has gone up 50%. In the 70s, a student could work a summer job and make enough money to pay for tuition, rent and possibly have enough left over to purchase a secondhand car. But there’s more afoot here than a major hike in cost of living.

In addition, one must be ready for constant change. This is NOT your father’s workforce. According to many experts, most people today will have three to five-and some experts say-up to ten career changes. Today’s worker must be more adaptable and modular in moving from career to career in today’s dynamic workforce. This is where my program comes into play, and thus The Physics of Success.

This book is somewhat in line with my first coaching-related book regarding career and life: Education: A Waste of Time? 7 Critical Elements Needed to Fill Key Gaps in Your Education That Waste 5 to 10 Years and 10s of Thousands of Dollars. However, The Physics of Success is a more general and updated version of my program. It is also not a workbook like Education: A Waste of Time? but rather a quick synopsis of some of the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes critical for any worker today. It is introductory, as coaching will fill in gaps, as needed, individual to individual.

The Physics of Success: $18.95 plus shipping 

Education: A Waste of Time? 7 Critical Elements Needed to Fill Key Gaps in Your Education That Waste 5 to 10 Years and 10s of Thousands of Dollars 

Do you know that every 26 seconds a public high school student is dropping out? That roughly half of those that go off to college don’t graduate? That within 5 to 10 years 70% of college grads are no longer working in jobs related to their major? There’s A LOT of wasted time and money (10s of thousands of dollars and upwards of 5 to 10 years). But there IS something you can do about it by applying the principles in Education: A Waste of Time? to your life. Here’s a short list of the benefits:

  • product_thumbnailMatch a specific you to training / education and career, even work culture
  • Learn how to more than just survive but thrive and find true joy in life
  • Obtain critical skills, knowledge, and attitudes for today’s dynamic economy
  • How to get motivated and stay motivated
  • How to focus through all challenges
  • Learn the 70-80% missing even with a college degree
  • Learn what employers are saying you need but lack
  • Discover little known truths about education and the work place that put the majority at a disadvantage
  • And just too many tips, insights, and information to list that will empower and enliven

Finally, an educational system which logically, progressively and ultimately produces a desired outcome. The SDP system is just that. But it is more than meets the eye because it fills in the gaps in education that no one’s talking about.

Marc de Bruin, certified life / business coach, master NLP Practitioner and Aus IDentities Personality Type Facilitator, Australia ;

 Education: A Waste of Time?  $46.75 plus shipping

More Details

Inner Projection Training Program Workbook 

(Companion piece to Education: A Waste of Time)

The Inner Projection Training Program is a 35 page proprietary workbook that will help the client work through the process of specifically and accurately matching a thorough understand of self (personality, characteristics, tendencies, gifts, talents, desires, and inclinations) to specific education / training resulting in a career choice that has considerably opportunity for success and fulfillment.

  1. product_thumbnail (4)You will see how education (k-college) does little to prepare you for any career and how to fix it
  2. What specific challenges and pitfalls wait for you in education and career
  3. What specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes employers complain most employees lack
  4. Take tests with proven accuracy to determine personality type and career leanings to greatest accuracy and effect
  5. What your values are and how critical they are to obtaining effectiveness in career and life
  6. How important life is or life decisions and needs in one’s career
  7. That you MUST obtain a specific goal or mission, plan it, prepare for it, and execute it
  8. What type of work culture you will thrive in and how the people there match your values and personality to a great degree
  9. How critical mentors are to your career, how to find them, and work with them to obtain work and maintain dynamic career growth
  10. How to research your career to save tons of potential wasted time and money
  11. How to NOT merely go to the college catalog of life for career answers, but to find the answers first and THEN go to the catalog
  12. and more …

Training Program Workbook $25.46 plus shipping 

The workbook can be used by the customer in tandem with coaching. If you are interested in taking the insights further, refining, and multiplying them for greatest accuracy and result please contact us at Inner Projection for coaching. 

Coaching Progam Details

The People’s U.S. Constitution: Academics and Lawyers Can Go Elsewhere 

product_thumbnailUnderstanding the Constitution is critical to all citizens of these united states. However, learning it is not a lot of fun, and there’s a lot that doesn’t apply. So my job was to make it as approachable as possible (come on, it’s law!). For we all must know the Law of the Land to make better political decisions, to enable a more keen eye to be kept on Washington, and even to ensure our own personal public and private rights. There’s not a single citizen who can afford to be like the fish that kept telling his friends, this swimming stuff? I’ll pass. Oh no you won’t good citizen. Read on!

This is also a part of my coaching program, albeit a rather fringe element, if you will. Consider the following. There is much missing from one’s education, even if one has graduated from institutions of higher learning. Most employers complain that grads are still missing key skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for today’s worker. This is where my program comes in.

What is needed?

Well, first an understanding of self and then, and only then, the building of a training program that will enable one with what is needed to succeed–of course, college is often a main component, but a curriculum that the student agrees to due to an understanding of self. What else is needed? An understanding of others or human nature, as well as an understanding of one’s limitations as regards innate shortcomings: issues of human perception, biases, and general self-sabotaging elements that few are aware of that lead to much failure. Then one must learn basic success principles or how to keep one’s head in the game for the long run. One also must understand one’s ethic or, as Steven Covey has stated, that of character rather than the shifting, weak personality. Critical, creative, intuitive thinking is also a must in today’s technology driving world where innovation and creative solution are paramount. And let’s not forget an ability to research properly to solution or the rational cousin of the creative, intuitive mind. Finally, every citizen MUST know the Constitution to make proper choices in selecting those officials who will be most just and prudent in running this great country.

The People’s Constitution: Academics and Lawyers Can Go Elsewhere $16.95 plus shipping


Motivational Quotes: Recalling Your Past

product_thumbnailWe all need motivation, and if you’ve been on social media of late, quotes are king. But this is not merely a collection of quotes.

The book compiles quotes into several key categories, and before each group of quotes, the category is examined and explained as to its importance and how these quotes affect our lives best. Thus you are not just reading some random quotes obtaining limited insight and understanding, but the quotes individually and collectively take on much greater importance and coherence and begin to coalesce in the mind to greater, even greatest motivation. Some of the topics covered are …

  • Leadership
  • Happiness
  • Friends
  • Live life!
  • Love
  • Goals
  • Risk and Reward
  • Self-esteem
  • Building Character
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Buddhist Wisdom

Motivational Quotes: $14.95 plus shipping 

Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe

product_thumbnailHere’s a bit of motivational fiction that goes beyond the mere science fiction / fantasy label most would attach to it. It’s more than that. In addition to being entertaining (oh yes, there is general wacky weirdness afoot), there is something of greater significance within these dusty book covers. I’ll let some of my readers tell you, doing a superior job to my weak ramblings.

Buy the book $15.82 plus shipping

Book testimonials: 

A new book is on the market, and it’s one that audiences should read with a different take on literature. I would not recommend one to read this book as a fictional adventure story. Doing so will not only furrow your brow; it will leave you skipping large portions of well-written essays in order to satisfy your story-telling needs.

It is, in my best judgment, a wonderful spiritual fictional essay. The characters almost get in the way if they didn’t serve as transitions for the next essay. When approaching the book from this direction, one may find it interesting and possibly life changing. It’s obvious that Brown has done many independent meditations on philosophy.

Christopher “Marti” Martinez
Moorpark, CA

This book is a religious / philosophical book about life. Every time I finished the reading I felt such an inner peace that love can conquer all and that people do care and are friendly. I felt motivated to do good, inspire people, help people to the best of their abilities.

I am not into the galaxy, aliens, and funky places, but in this book it didn’t bother me. I just took it in and it was good. This book has a lot of juicy information. This book covers far more aspects of life than other books I’ve read. If you are not into philosophy and purpose of life then this is not the book for you. However, with the funny and imaginative adventures Augustus has, it balances the philosophical ideas. The ideas are put in simple and understandable terms. The narrator didn’t annoy me. It helped move the story along, something like the Princess Bride. I like what the novel has to say about life because I can relate to it.

Sonia Vargas
Thousand Oaks, CA 

As a female and future mother, I applaud the effort offered in Jeff Brown’s Black Body Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe (2007) to urge us to develop compassion and eternal spirit to undermine the pernicious influence of materialism and self-interest in contemporary society. And Augustus, the eternal model, the hallmark human, espouses our eternal nature, suggesting we view our lives not
from the temporal perspective, but that of the eternal.

Nasrin Zakeri

The style of the novel is quite light hearted. Augustus’s adventures appear to serve largely as literary methods of taking him from one point—spiritually, intellectually, or geographically—to another, where the author can expound on his theories of cosmic causation, science, epistemology, and ontology.

In fact, so frequently do these set-piece speeches occur that the reader becomes suspicious that the plot serves the author only as an excuse to set out his own
philosophy. This style of exposition would be intensely boring but for the author’s frequent, colorful intrusions into the narrative. It is serious literature taken down a notch by down-to-earth-hey-we’re-just-imperfect-stumbling-humans humor that intrigues, absorbs and enraptures.

Ganga Shrestha


To Die at the Age of Man, a book of poetry 

product_thumbnail (1)

A book of poetry questioning the conventional and looking to the spiritual over and above that of the rational mind.

To Die at the Age of Man: $10.95 plus shipping 

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