If you’re looking for just a speaker, you’ve come to the wrong place. Don’t believe us. Here’s what people are saying:

“I’ve listened to motivational speakers in Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Vegas and LA, and Mr. Brown’s style of material presentation is better than any speaker I’ve seen, including Tony Robbins.”

Tim Wieneke
Gainesville, Florida
Investor, Show organizer / producer

“With his years of experience in entertainment and education his stage presence is natural and captivating. He is a certainly the greatest of additions to any speaking engagement.”

Steve Taubman
Corporate Keynote Speaker
Hypnotist, Entertainer

“Having one foot planted in the academic world for ten years and the other in business, he is well-researched but knows his limitations and uses intuition of which Einstein said is “everything. Dynamic, empowering, open-minded, and far-seeing Jeff is a great addition to any speaking engagement. I encourage you to consider Jeff for your next engagement.”

Laura Gisborne
Sedona Az,
Author, speaker, millionaire

He’s more than just your average Jeff

Professor Brown’s insights go beyond just knowing a few things about career and education. His ability to delve deep into the core of the issue at hand comes from extensive research and life experience. Jeff is an avid reader who believes that there is great connection in all things and that to fully understand one aspect of life it must be looked at from several perspectives, thus this is why he is well read: philosophy, psychology, theology, business, marketing, math, science, literature, and more.

He also has considerable experience having worked in the fields of business, technology, entertainment, and education. He has enjoyed five careers living in several of the major cities in this fair country of ours. Bottom line, Jeff is one of the best if not the best in the field of career and life coaching for he has not only studied and researched the fields but he has lived them.

Jeff knows that one of the best ways to learn is to do, thus his reason for writing. He has written seven books on various subjects and nearly 400 articles on an equally diverse level. But that’s not all. Oh no! There’s much more.

In addition, Jeff performed on stage and screen in Boston and Los Angeles working with the likes of Dan Cooke, Bill Burr, and Billy Martin in the field of comedy. He has also written material for others, such as Mz. Michigan and other performers. But Jeff is not your typical performer. He is not one just to tell jokes or incorporate staid, predictable humor. He uses his humor naturally, his zany insights and odd ponderings to bring to light, to enliven and engage the listener to greatest of understanding, so that days even weeks later the knowledge and understanding brought forth from the listener lasts and lingers, haunts and zingers.

Some of Professor Brown’s topics include…

  • Critical, creative, intuitive thinking for today’s worker in today’s rapidly changing environment
  • How to fully bring forth and maximize who you are to greatest fulfillment, joy, and profit
  • Why YOU must be 100% accountable, self-confident, reliable, and trustworthy in today’s world
  • How life and career are intertwined and how to maximize both for greatest achievement
  • Why you have to work to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses or else!
  • Why you are missing what most employers are looking for, even if a college grad, and what to do about it
  • How to prepare for the five to ten (some experts say) career changes you’re bound to have

Invite Professor Brown to your college, university, conference, or meeting

  • Get everyone motivated and back on track to greatest effectiveness
  • Create focused, empowered thinking to enable forward movement even in the most challenging times
  • Get clarity and understanding as to what each person needs out of life for optimum achievement
  • Help people to see what employers are looking for and critical skills and attitudes employees are missing in today’s competitive job market
  • Help individuals to see through the various matrices that control and imprison
  • How to be a powerful and empowering leader
  • How to manage conflict in one’s life and those who embody conflict
  • How to increase memory, creativity, self-reliance, and self-confidence

Inquire about Professor Jeff’s availability

Speaking Agreement


Room Setup

Professor Jeff’s Intro.

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