I’ve listened to motivational speakers in Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Vegas and LA, and Mr. Brown’s style of material presentation is better than any speaker I’ve seen, including Tony Robbins. He doesn’t need to present it in a fun and motivational way because the material speaks for itself and generates that inside you even as text on a page. It’s not cheer-leading but rather like one of your grandparents sitting you down and explaining an element of life to you, and when he’s done you realize you could have been doing things this way the whole time. Is he effective as a speaker? Motivator? Inspire-er? Find me someone better. I’ll wait.

Tim Wieneke
Gainesville, Florida
Investor, Show organizer / producer

64942_4704987876280_1342375610_nI hired Professor Brown as a coach for 3 months. It was a really life changing event for me. Before the coaching I used to be indeterminate and indecisive regarding my goals. Although I was highly ambitious and planning to get may postgraduate education at Harvard. With his ability to discover my problems and provoke my inner genius, I was able to be clear minded and better thinker. I have discovered my personality type and what career that suit me best.

Now, I’m quite confident and I feel that I’m very intelligent and don’t care about other’s opinion. If I wasn’t accepted at Harvard as a student, I will come to it as a professor. As I’m pursuing a career to be a scientist with many contributions in the field of molecular diagnostic and cancer.

Hammad N Tashkandi
Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Teaching Assistant Taibah College of Medicine
When I first came into Mr. Brown’s workshops, I was very skeptical of how well I would respond to his teachings. At the time, I was on the verge of quitting school all together and had just been prescribed a sleep aide, an anti-depressant, and an anti-anxiety medication, I had just moved back from a failed attempt at a pre-Med degree in Arizona and constantly being kicked out of my house. I had contemplated death as a better option, realizing that I didn’t like my life, I didn’t know how to change or even if I wanted change.
After a few classes, we began discussing more personal issues through our readings, and all of a sudden it hit me. The realization of what I want to change in my life, the motivation to get out of my self-made hell and succeed in school. His practical teachings literally saved my life. By the end, all of his teachings went beyond the classroom for me; his lessons of self-motivation woke up my natural intuition, and I was able to ask myself what I truly want in life. He has taught me the importance of thinking for yourself and being true to yourself.

Without Mr. Brown I can’t imagine where I would be.

Brendan Monahan,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

429742_410709608942595_393096784_nJeff is energetic, compassionate, and passionate about getting people through college, career, and life successfully. But he is not your typical speaker / coach. Jeff is able to cut to the core not to just cure existing problems but to prevent those in the future.

Having one foot planted in the academic world for ten years and the other in business, he is well-researched but knows his limitations and uses intuition of which Einstein said, is “everything.”

Dynamic, empowering, open-minded, and far-seeing Jeff is a great addition to any speaking engagement. I encourage you to consider Jeff for your next engagement.

Laura Gisborne
Sedona Az,
Author, speaker, millionaire

199536_17630903936_6487_nJeff is tops in his class when it comes to understanding what people need from a formal education, what’s missing, and what is needed in the real world to succeed. His passion and commitment to improving the lives of recent grads to seasoned vets in the workforce is first class. With his years of experience in entertainment and education his stage presence is natural and captivating. He is a certainly the greatest of additions to any speaking engagement.

Dr. Steve Taubman
Corporate Keynote Speaker
Hypnotist, Entertainer

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